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Martin Gayford

Meeting the Giants of Jazz
Encounters with great Jazz musicians


Beirut's House of Barakat
Rebecca Lloyd-Evans visits a house of memory in Beirut.

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Art School, Smart School
A history of British art schools and an inquiry into their purpose today.

Welcome to Just Radio

 Just Radio is one of the country’s most respected independent radio production companies. In business since 1994, we have an unbroken record for making high quality programmes for BBC Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4 and the World Service along with audio guides and course material for a range of clients.

We pride ourselves on our versatility - making, on the one hand, thoughtful and well-researched documentaries that go to the heart of the news and current affairs agenda and, on the other, highly accessible programmes about the visual arts, architecture, music and popular culture.

We have a reputation for innovative production, working creatively to engage the listener with ambitious formats, unusual scenarios, sound design and engineering. We have won three Sony Gold awards, together with several other awards and our programmes consistently attract excellent reviews.

Alongside the BBC, we have a growing number of non-broadcast clients which includes the Wellcome Trust, the Open University, the Barbican, JISC and the New Patriotic Party of Ghana.

Just Radio's "ideas for features are always so original, and it's great to have this quality of production." (Kate Chisholm, The Spectator)

News: PAUL SMITH has won the Radio Academy's Best Newcomer Award at the 2014 Radio Production Awards. Here's what the judges had to say:

"The breadth of subject matter in this entry was incredibly impressive from a wonderful evocation of New York with Blondie through to Algorithms to the architecture of Mosques. Throughout each section of the entry the use of music to both illustrate and punctuate is inventive and intelligent.
Overall, the production on this entry was outstanding."

Following on from last year's success with Pete Townsend - Before I Get Old, we are delighted to announce that presenter Gemma Cairney and producer Ben Taylor won a Sony gold award in the best feature category for Bruising Silence. The programme tackled abusive relationships amongst teenagers with deep sensitivity and emotional engagement.

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