Last Orders at the Spinning Disc

BBC Radio 2

Legendary record producer, Pete Waterman, conjures the magic of the fast vanishing world of the record shop. 101 Records, Croydon; A1 Records, London; Abbey Records, Ainsdale; Adagio Records, Harrogate… just a few of the 700 plus UK independent record shops that have closed over the past ten years. In this two-part series, first broadcast in May 2010, legendary record producer, Pete Waterman, winds back to the glory days of record shops. He asks how we’ve allowed so many of them to vanish and looks at what the future holds. Featuring interviews with stars, moguls and artists who’ve spent much of their lives on either side of the counter, this series summons the sights, sounds and smells that made up the strange magic of record shops.

Produced by Hannah Rosenfelder

Broadcast: May 2010